Silver linings of isolation – Use your habits to come back stronger and fitter

Every one of us knows their own struggles so far. Maybe it’s crash dieting too often, the temptation of trying every new diet, maybe it’s the sweet tooth, the fact that we love to cook, to go out to restaurants and fancy pastry shops, the fact that we like to travel and try all the local foods, and so on.

And during this time of isolation because of coronavirus, eating healthy and sticking to an exercise routine that will keep you fit might seem even more difficult. Especially if you add the constraints on top of what you already consider to be bad habits.

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Kilian Jornet’s diet, through the lens of a nutritionist

Renowned elite ultrarunner Kilian Jornet published a post a few days ago about his diet. It’s not the first time he writes about what he eats as an elite athlete, but his post generated a lot of reactions and comments.

It makes sense, because as runners we are curious about how top performing athletes train and eat. And considering his results in the past 10 years, it’s no wonder that everyone in the running community is watching every step that Kilian Jornet takes, looking at how he trains, how he lives, and of course, what he eats.

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Present you vs Future you: who wins?

I was in the middle of a conversation with one of my food coaching clients a few days ago, when I just felt the need to stop and congratulate him.

That’s because, by looking at the way he trains, eats, sleeps, and all the smaller or bigger habits that he does consistently, his lifestyle is starting to look more like an athlete’s than that of an average recreational runner.

It’s not perfect, but trust me that he is taking much better care of himself and being more consistent in his trainings than runners with much more experience and better results.

Of course, he doesn’t train at the pace of a pro athlete, that wouldn’t make sense now (it would actually hurt him and his goals if he even tried). But he’s challenging himself constantly, according to his abilities, and social, work, and family life, and that’s what matters. Also, he might not keep the same compliance over the entire year, but he knows that he can.

However, most of us find it difficult to align what we are doing now with where we want to get. I sometimes have to remind some people that, even though they want to drop 10 kilos, they are eating as if they had 20 kilos extra. Two different sides of the same person.

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The processed foods myth – are they all bad for your health?

You’ll hear many people saying that the easiest way to lose weight is to cut processed foods. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to consume processed foods, because they’re not all bad for you.

For a healthy lifestyle you just need to read the labels, adjust the dose, and learn more about the processing method. Some processing methods are useful and harmless, and that’s why some processed foods can actually be staples of a healthy diet.

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Losing weight and changing your eating habits might be much easier than you think

As a nutrition coach working with people to improve their eating habits, lose weight, and improve their self image, I get a lot of surprised reactions from my clients.

Some of them are surprised that I don’t ask them to completely give up sugar or other favourite foods.

Others are surprised that they can eat as much as they do and still lose weight.

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10 lessons learned from my trail races in 2019

My trail running races in 2019 have brought lots of a-ha moments, gratitude, and wonderful memories. Looking back, I realise I’ve learned a lot.

Some were things that I already knew that just got extra proof. Others were experiences that I had to go through to find out what motivates me as a trail runner, what makes me run faster, enjoy the trails more, and reminded myself why I love this sport.

Here are just 10 things I’ve learned from racing in trail competitions in 2019.

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Foto: Andrei Tale

Maine e zi de cursa

Stai pe marginea patului intr-o camera de pensiune dintr-un sat de munte in care n-ai mai fost niciodata. E inca un loc in care, acum cativa ani, inainte sa alergi pe munti, nu te-ai fi gandit ca ai sa cauti cazare.

Ai plecat cu o ora mai devreme de la birou, dar cu bagaje, drum, luat kit-ul si toate cele, tot te-a prins miezul noptii. Deja e mult prea tarziu si incepi sa devii anxios – ar trebui sa te culci cat mai curand, ca maine e zi de cursa. Ceasul e pus sa sune la 6, dar pana te culci, pana te foiesti in pat, iarasi prinzi cel mult cateva ore de somn. Asta daca reusesti sa adormi.

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coros apex watch

Review ceas sport Coros Apex 42mm, dupa o luna de folosire

Am inceput sa folosesc ceasul Coros Apex de 42mm de mai bine de o luna. Am vrut sa trec prin cat mai multe tipuri de antrenamente si activitati diferite inainte sa-mi fac o parere cat mai informata si sa scriu o recenzie cuprinzatoare.

L-am folosit pana acum la alergat (trail, plat si intervale), hike, inot, bicicleta si sala.

Va avertizez ca e, totusi, un review care ia in calcul lucrurile la care sunt eu atenta la un ceas. Poate multi dintre voi apreciaza alte functii, despre care poate eu am vorbit prea putin. Insa eu sunt pe principiul lucrurilor de baza care sa functioneze brici (GPS, baterie, UX etc) si al lucrurilor nice to have care completeaza ce poate face ceasul.

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Overcomplicating or getting even better at what you do

There’s a rather uncommon approach in running training that I’ve read about recently. It’s uncommon because it’s exactly the opposite of what most coaches tell their athletes to do.

When someone starts training and usually has a goal race in mind that’s taking place some 6-8-10 months later, the coach will have them do longer and easier runs. Volume. That’s because they need to create an aerobic base and prepare their bodies for the speed work that’s coming next, as the race gets closer.

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Grossglockner Ultra Trail – Conquering the Austrian Alps in our first trail relay

Grossglockner Ultra Trail is a race that goes around Austria’s highest peak, Grossglockner (3798m), through the National Park Hohe Tauern. And it’s one of the few trail events that have a long distance team relay race. Of course that’s what Andrei and I went for. 

It’s a relatively “young” race, the 2019 edition being the 5th one so far.

We signed up for the 110k race, the longest one, but split in two: Andrei would do the first leg, 60k with 4500m elevation, while I’d do the second, 50k with about 2000m elevation. The 50k segment was exactly the route of the official Kalser Tauern Trail race of the event. 

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5 mistakes I made in Lavaredo Cortina Trail race

Running the Lavaredo Cortina Trail’s 48km race in 2018 was a beautiful experience. I’ll call it that because it wasn’t just about the race. It was the entire roadtrip with friends, seeing new trails of the Dolomites, and going through the highs and lows of the competition.

Also, about rediscovering a place I’d fallen in love with a year before, on the road cycling trip.

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