Vegetarian stuffed peppers with mushrooms and buckwheat


A few years ago I used to have a neighbour who, during summer, would start cooking at 6 am to avoid the daytime heat. Since we would sleep with all the doors and windows open, hoping for the faintest breeze, we would wake up smelling her meat stew and her baked aubergines. What a horrible way to wake up at that hour, especially when the fridge was empty.

Summer is not to be spent in the kitchen if you don’t have AC, but when you miss a delicious season dish, it’s worth the sacrifice. And if you can’t stand the heat you can always set the alarm before sunrise for an extrem experience. Just make sure your hangry neighbours don’t line up at your door.

I’ve been thinking for a while about this vegetarian stuffed peppers dish and I adapted it a bit. Instead of the white rice people usually add to the meatless peppers I added buckwheat because it has better carbs. The result is a lighter, lower carb, healthier and at least as delicious version of a traditional recipe.

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