Gift Guide: Christmas gifts for girls who run

Are you in search of Christmas gifts ideas for runners? Well, search no more. I’ve come up with a list of gifts for running girls or girls who love different sports, to fuel their passion.

You’ll find every type of gift, from spa gift cards for her recovery days, to shape flattering compression gear and the latest stylish gadgets, to cover all things girls who run, cycle or love the gym would like to find under the Christmas tree this year.

It can be a challenge to find something a runner would enjoy as a gift, but with some of the ideas below you’ll definitely hit the spot. They’re ideas for every budget, both material things and experiences that any runner will remember forever.

So here we go with my list of ideas, but I’m waiting for your contribution also, so bring on the ideas that you have or your not-so-secret wishlist for this Christmas.

Sports gadgets

Garmin Vivomove HR sport has been getting a lot of attention lately. Many of my girl friends are crazy about it and it’s no wonder it’s a best seller. It’s a very nice mix of style and features, making it a great gift for girls who run, love the gym or spending time outdoors.

It doesn’t have a GPS, but it has a heart rate monitor and displays a lot of fitness and wellness metrics.

On smaller a budget, you can order a Xiaomi Mi bracelet that’s just around 25-30 USD. It is just a fitness bracelet, but the value for money is unbeatable. It has a heart rate monitor, tracks steps and sleep, and it’s waterproof. It has some smartwatch functions also, such as caller id, rejecting a call and so on. But if you order it from aliexpress, make up your mind quickly to be sure it arrives by Christmas, as delivery to Europe usually takes longer.

Compression gear

Compression calf sleeves, pants or shirts are useful for runners and gym goers, for training purposes, but also for recovery.

If you want a pair of compression leggings that also have a flattering look, go for these Anita Active leggings that come in black and purple.

I’ve been using the long compression tights from Anita Active for a while now and they’re great for running and gym. The brand is German and has a long history in making medical and recovery apparel. They’re famous for their sports bras they make that fit perfectly (I have two, one is the lightest sports bra on the market and the second is one with padded cups), and also for the advanced details in their sports underwear (comfortable and breathable seamless fabrics).

The leggings are seamless and you can tell that the fabric has thousands of small stretching details that make the compression happen. They’re also a great choice for recovery after a long race, and they come in different lengths – long tights, short pants or capri.

Race registration

This is a trickier gift to make, because you’d have to know in advance if she really wants to do that race or, if she hasn’t made up her mind yet, that she would like to run it once she finds out her name is on the registrations list. But it can also be a beautiful surprise, as it’s an experience in itself.

You should start with a race calendar or with a competition you know she wants to go to but hasn’t signed up yet. If the budget is not a problem and you want to give her a full experience, go for a running trip abroad, such as the ones organised by Explore Travel.

They usually offer packages that include flights, accommodation, and race sign up (which is great to consider especially for races that sell out quickly, because the travel agencies have reserved spots).

Or, another great idea is offering a trail running camp. Shameless self promo for the camps we do with Trails and Tales, but I only got the idea after finding out that many of the participants have been coming to the camps after receiving them as a gift from their spouses or families.

Spa and recovery

During a tough running season, recovery is at least as important as training. That’s why a spa, massage or even physiotherapy gift card can be a unique and appreciated idea.

But before you buy someone a spa gift certificate as a Christmas gift, make sure they like spas. I made this mistake in the past, assuming someone loved massages and steam baths, and then seeing her completely unimpressed with the gift.

On a tighter budget you can always get a foam roller – an absolutely amazing pain tool for anyone who does some kind pf physical sport.

Otherwise, if you’re on a bigger budget, you can also go for a Compex recovery machine.

Training mode on

If you think she’s very focused on her training and performance, a good Christmas present and motivation would be to get her a few sessions with a personal trainer in the gym or with a running coach.

If you ask me, these are some of the best gift ideas, the non material ones.

But you also have to choose wisely so do some asking around and make sure you hire the perfect coach for her needs.

Running Books

A book is always a great gift idea for runners, because that’s where we get inspiration, motivation, and a lot of know how from.

Here are some of the best sellers that runners love:

Can’t Hurt Me, by David Goggins

Sky Runner: Finding Strength, Happiness, And Balance in Your Running, by Emelie Forsberg

What I talk about when I talk about running, by Haruki Murakami

Run Fast. Eat slow, by Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky


Strava Premium, Zwift, or even a Premium Spotify for her motivational workout playlists can also make some nice and unexpected Christmas gifts.

But don’t be surprised if you call to ask her out one evening and she’s busy racing her new Zwift buddies 🙂

What other gifts would you offer a runner? Or if you are one, what’s on your Santa wishlist for this year?

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