An NGO wants to build a sports training center for disadvantaged children in Brasov

International Sportspeople Association is a newly founded NGO claiming to be the first international sports organisation of sportspeople around the world.

ISA’s main objective is to promote sports among people all ages. Also, its most important long term project is building a multifunctional sports center for children with high aptitude for performance, but who are coming from unfavourable backgrounds. In this center, children would be able to live, train, and be mentored in order to achieve their athletic potential.

This sports center would be built in Brasov, Romania, but it needs consistent funding, and ISA members and partners can contribute.

I think it’s a beautiful mission and, even if it’s a very costly one, I hope that in a few years the next generation of children can train in a place like this.

To its members, ISA now offers a set of discounts to a growing list of partner shops, races, and services. At the moment, all the information on the website, as well as the partner offers are in Romanian and targeted for the Romanian audience, but if you want to support their cause you can do it even without becoming a member. Just contact them if you want to become a member, donate, or become a partner (and have a special deal for the ISA members).

I recently became a member and I’m looking forward to seeing them at some big sports events this year.

You can find out more about ISA and their plans on their website or on their facebook page.

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