Tibles Marathon – run the hills, eat the polenta

Remember the things that you loved about your first trail race?

I surely do. There was the challenge, there were the people, the atmosphere, the feeling of being at some kind of outdoor party with friends who share the same passion: getting their quads mashed for a few hours, just to get that crazy feeling of running free in a beautiful mountain landscape.

Then, the more races I did, the more I wanted to get those same things again. But it wasn’t always the case because different races have different views on what the event should be like and thus, attract different people.

That’s why smaller races are still my favourites. They manage to keep all these things – dedication from the organisers, some local colour, the feeling that you’re surrounded by friends, and that festive atmosphere. You’re not just a bib number, you’re a guest. Locals, organisers and trails will welcome you as such.

One of the races that still has all these is Tibles Marathon, in the small and picturesque village of Bichigiu, Romania.

It’s the first trail race in the area and, from the photos I’ve seen, it seems beautiful. Exactly the type of trails that made me fall in love with this sport.

Tibles Marathon is a young race and this year the event holds its second edition, but the first time having a marathon route.

It has the challenge – you’ll be racing with some of the fastest trail runners in Romania, on routes for every level. There’s the marathon race, a half marathon and a kids race.

It has the good deeds – one is the fact that your sign up tax will be used to buy running gear for children with athletic potential, but without resources. Another good deed you’ll get to enjoy is that the locals will serve you a breakfast based on fresh local foods.

It has the amazing landscape. Just take a look at these trails and your feet will start to itch.

And it has the amazing atmosphere – campfire, concert, free camping and other goodies included.

I do have this marathon on my list, but this year I’ll be there with the Datacor Running Team just to cheer for YOU in the aid stations 🙂 So sign up, keep training and see you there!

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