The best weight loss video

I was about to say this is the best weight loss video for athletes. But it actually is the best one I’ve seen lately for anyone trying to lose weight, no matter how active they are.

The video is made by Global Cycling Network and starts from a very common pain point that cyclists (and runners, and other athletes as well) face: trying to lose some weight while also having enough energy to perform as good as possible in trainings and competitions.

But it doesn’t apply just to athletes. It applies to anyone trying to slim down because it explains how fat loss happens, why it doesn’t happen, some variables to take into account when measuring calorie deficit, weigh-in differences, and it ends with some practical tips about things to focus on when trying to lose fat.

I’ll give it bonus points because it’s simple, funny, and easy to understand.

Take 15 min to watch it and let me know what you think.

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