Trigger foods: what they are and how to stop overeating them

Peanut butter.

Ice cream. Followed by a second helping.

A bag of crunchy salty stuff – popcorn, roasted salty nuts, things that you just have to finish, no matter how big the bag is.

Packs of sweet crunchy stuff – biscuits, cookies, waffles.

Warm fresh bread and salted butter.

Trigger foods are those that you can’t stop eating. The ones above are my personal examples. Just some of them.

Our brain is wired to love and become addicted to the sweet – fat – salty combo. It’s not our fault, it’s evolutionary. But we can choose what we do about it.

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Breakfast – why we have it, why we don’t, and some healthy recipe ideas

As you probably noticed, most nutrition talk is split between two sides:

  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
  • You can skip breakfast and call it IF

Which one is true? What are the benefits of having breakfast every day or skipping it? I’m going to share a bit of my experience on this topic – both personal and from people I’ve coached.
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Hydration, dehydration, and overhydration basics for active people

When it comes to being healthy and to performing our best, our main focus is usually what and how much we eat. However, at least as important as the nutrients we carefully choose in our diets are our water intake and hydration strategies.

You’ve probably heard that we’re made up of water. If you’re an adult male, you’re probably 60% water. If you’re an adult female, you’re around 55% water. And if you’re an infant reading sports blogs, you probably already know you’re 75% water.


But why does it matter?

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Deserturi vegane fără lactoză și gluten – înghețată și carrot cake bowl

Intoleranțele alimentare și restricțiile ne învață de obicei să fim creativi când vine vorba de ceea ce mâncăm. Dacă suntem vegetarieni și mai și evităm glutenul și lactoza, atunci misiunea devine mai complicată. Totuși, există ingrediente pe care le putem combina astfel încât să obținem deserturi mai ușoare, mai sănătoase și care se încadrează în meniurile fără zahăr, gluten, lactoză sau produse animale.

Azi îți propun două rețete de deserturi vegane, fără gluten sau lactoză, dar absolut delicioase.

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The Fit Tales Newsletter

I’m so happy and excited to let you guys know that I’m *finally* starting my Fit Tales newsletter.



There’s too much noise about nutrition. Lots of it is accurate information, and lots of it is crap. I’ll be here to help you figure out what’s what and take better decisions for your health. 

I get to read, try, study, analyze, experiment so many things related to nutrition and sports and I can’t possibly share all of them. Through the Fit Tales newsletter it will be easier for me to do a selection of information that is valuable, relevant, and bullshit free.

Make no mistake, this isn’t a one way deal. I’ll count on you to give me feedback, ideas, and tell me what you’re experimenting and learning.


I’m just following the footsteps of several content creators that I admire, especially my friends Cristina Chipurici and Andra Zaharia, who are doing an amazing job with their newsletters – Cristina’s Friday Read and How Do You Know.

What we’ll do here is to work together towards becoming a tribe of like-minded people, willing to learn more about nutrition and exercise.

In every email you’ll get interesting articles, research, personal views on nutrition and sports, things I’ve come across in my experience as a food coach and I think you might find useful, ideas and recipes to try, as well as coaching techniques that we can practice together. Plus, some personal stories of the more vulnerable kind.


Is this for you?

It’s for you if you’re willing to dig deeper and not take all the noise on these topics as being the one and only truth.

It’s for you if you’re willing to be flexible and try different hypotheses without being radical in your beliefs.

It’s for you if you’re not looking for an easy way out. Because, surprise, there isn’t one.

I’m tempted to say that if you’re a radicalist, an 800-calories/day-starve-yourself-to-death type or a know it all, we don’t want you here. But the truth is, we do. I’ll get ready for this challenge so that we can all learn from one another.


Sign up here


More about me here.

Rice cakes: Batoane de orez energizante pentru curse si antrenamente


Dacă incă te intrebi ce să mănânci când alergi sau când pedalezi si cu ce poți inlocui batoanele energizante din comerț, am ceva bun pentru tine: o rețetă testată de rice cakes. Le-am făcut pentru prima dată inainte de Marathon 7500 si, chiar dacă nu am alergat si le-am făcut pentru alții, le-am incercat si eu. Evident.


Rice cakes sunt alternativa de casă, fără gluten, fără zahăr si mai sănătoasă a batoanelor din comerț. Nu că unele dintre acelea n-ar fi sănătoase, dar e altceva când le faci tu acasă si stii ce pui in ele. Aceste batoane energizante din orez sunt super incărcate cu carbohidrați si grăsimi bune si au suficiente proteine si minerale care te vor ajuta să susții efortul intr-un antrenament greu, la o cursă de anduranță sau chiar la o drumeție pe munte.


Sunt sățioase si dulci, dar poti jongla cu rețeta si le poți face si sărate, dacă vrei. Ar merge bine cu ingrediente de genul măsline, parmezan, rosii uscate, in cazul in care preferi mâncarea sărată. Sau, si mai bine, poți face si dulci, si sărate.

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