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There’s a lot of noise on these topics. Most of it is crap. No wonder we’re not getting stronger or healthier.

My goal is to keep it simple and make things clearer, so that you can choose what works best for you and stick to it.

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Like I said, there’s too much noise about nutrition. Lots of it is accurate information, and lots of it is crap. I’ll be here to help you figure out what’s what and take better decisions for your health.

I get to read, try, study, analyze, experiment so many things related to nutrition and sports and I can’t possibly share all of them. Through the Fit Tales newsletter it will be easier for me too do to a selection of information that is valuable, relevant, and bullshit free.

I’m just following the footsteps of several content creators that I admire, especially my friends Cristina Chipurici and Andra Zaharia, who are doing an amazing job with their newsletters – Cristina’s Friday Read and How Do You Know.

What we’ll do here is to work together towards becoming a tribe of like-minded people, willing to learn more about nutrition and exercise.

In every email you’ll get interesting articles, research, personal views on nutrition and sports, things I’ve come across in my experience as a food coach and I think you might find useful, ideas and recipes to try, as well as coaching techniques that we can practice together. Plus, some personal stories of the more vulnerable kind.


Is this for you?

It’s for you if you’re willing to dig deeper and not take all the noise on these topics as being the one and only truth.

It’s for you if you’re willing to be flexible and try different hypotheses without being radical in your beliefs.

It’s for you if you’re not looking for an easy way out. Because, surprise, there isn’t one.