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In the 5 lessons we’ll go through, you’ll learn to choose your goals wisely, eat and train for your objective, avoiding the traps of drastic diets.

Most importantly, you’ll get to practice habits that set a healthy basis for your overall wellbeing.

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Time to break the diet mindset


Realistic goals instead of poor self image. Real food instead of magic shakes. Baby steps instead of crash diets. Small tweaks that fit your lifestyle before radical transformations. Habits instead of constantly being on a diet.

This 5 lessons e-mail course is for you if


  • You’re looking for a sustainable approach to weight loss and fitness
  • You want to learn the most simple yet most effective changes you can implement for a healthier lifestyle
  • You’re not sure whether your goal is healthy and achievable
  • You’re not sure what the best training type is for your goal
  • You prefer practicing small habits than dieting severely and going through the yo-yo effect
  • You want to break the constantly dieting mindset

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Here’s what Cosmina thought about our work together on her eating habits:


“I thought that working with Carmen will help me choose better foods for my body but it turned out to be much more than that. She turned out to be a wonderful counselor, a powerhouse when it comes to nutritional facts and personalised advice.

Her understanding and sweet nature will help you look at your challenges with a bit more self love than you’re used to, as she gently leads you to understand and ultimately resolve your relationship with food. I am now able to choose the best for myself and for those that I prepare meals for and I’m feeling better than ever because of that.”



And this is how Andra feels about the step-by-step approach towards her goals:


“Carmen guided me towards one of the most significant changes in my life with patience, dedication, and endless enthusiasm.

Adjusting my relationship with food involved overcoming many other mental challenges and building a new set of habits grounded in a deeper understanding of myself and human nature in general.

Carmen is an equally good therapist as she is a food coach.

She helped me uncover blindspots, bust food myths, and understand what really works for me in the long run.

Her guidance is always insightful, grounded, kind, and even surprising!

Working with her on improving my eating habits is an experience I am deeply grateful for.”


catalin georgescu

I’m all about efficiency. Whether I’m working on a marketing campaign, training for a trail race or working with someone to achieve their health and fitness goals, my point is to get the maximum return with the minimum effort.

Ever since I started working as a food coach, I’ve been giving my clients the resources, information, and tools they need to succeed on long term. Without being dependent on my help.

I believe that constantly good beats intermittently perfect. That’s why I focus on habits, a personalised approach, and small but consistent steps towards a healthier lifestyle and better self image.

Carmen Albisteanu,

certified food coach by Precision Nutrition & Fitness Scandinavia
competitive trail runner