Grossglockner Ultra Trail – Conquering the Austrian Alps in our first trail relay

Grossglockner Ultra Trail is a race that goes around Austria’s highest peak, Grossglockner (3798m), through the National Park Hohe Tauern. And it’s one of the few trail events that have a long distance team relay race. Of course that’s what Andrei and I went for. 

It’s a relatively “young” race, the 2019 edition being the 5th one so far.

We signed up for the 110k race, the longest one, but split in two: Andrei would do the first leg, 60k with 4500m elevation, while I’d do the second, 50k with about 2000m elevation. The 50k segment was exactly the route of the official Kalser Tauern Trail race of the event. 

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Brasov Marathon – The epic adventure of the first race in a new city

As a kid, I used to play the violin. It meant hours of practice almost every afternoon, when everything I played made my family and our neighbours cringe.

I could tell by their fake smile when we met in front of the building. They’d ask me “so how is the violin practice going?” as if they didn’t already know it was going terrible.

But every once in a while, the noises I usually made would sound like real music. Call it flow or practice making perfect, but some days the chords just “aligned” to play as they should.

I had the same feeling about running Brasov Marathon last Saturday. A race that I hadn’t been to before on a route that was kind of familiar to me because I had trained on parts of it, but never entirely and definitely never feeling in such a good flow as I did on the race day.

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Concurs: Câștigă o invitație la Oslea Night Ridge


Dintre toate cursele la care regret că nu am ajuns până acum, Oslea Night Ridge e cu siguranță in topul primelor. Dar odată și odată tot iau eu startul și acolo.


Anul acesta, a doua ediție a Oslea Night Ridge are loc pe 12 august. Cursa cuprinde două trasee. Unul este Vertical Piatra Iorgovanu, cu 3,6km lungime și 800m diferență de nivel, iar celălalt este Oslea Night Ridge, de 14,2 km și 900 m diferență de nivel.

Traseul vertical are startul ziua, în timp ce Oslea Night Ridge este o cursă nocturnă, iar organizatorii spun că ar fi cea mai dură dintre cursele de noapte de la noi.

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